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Mujeres Brillantes - Third World Meeting
Impressive numbers and very sucessful

It happened the last week on September 12nd to 15th , Third World Meeting Mujeres Brillantes, where several women´s jewellery have met to discuss the progress of the association's creation in 2016 to the present day . The chosen city this time was Madrid, Spain during the prestigious Spanish Jewelry Show , Madrid Joya attended by members of the group from countries of Latin America and Europe .

Unlike the First and Second World Meetings, which had more educational activities, the 2018 Meeting focused more on the commercial activities highlighting the members' brands. Mujeres Brillantes had a special Booth to exhibit the jewelries of the members during the Fair where visitors from all over Europe had the opportunity to visit and meet the designers and promote the B2C and B2B .

" I am very happy with this new phase of Mujeres Brillantes , I did not expect that in such a short time we would have a Booth in a prestigious Jewelry Show , this is due to the hard work of all the women around the world, especially those from Spain who understand the power of raise the voice in the current scenario " , said Ali Pastorini , President of the group .

The agenda was composed of a visit to the IGE (Spanish Gemological Institute), round tables with Directors of International Associations to discuss the present and future of the jewellery industry and networking between the members . In addition, the President gave a special presentation to the visitors of Madrid Joya about " What is Mujeres Brillantes ? " at Pavillion 10 .

To conclude the Third World Meeting, some brands participated in the Mujeres Brillantes Runaway Jewelry Show presenting their new collections such as Lucía Ramírez , Melanie Landova Joyas , Nelita Rebello , Laura Lis Design , Paola Duque Jewellery , Mónica Corvera, Cris Sotero , Tabata Morgana , Telma Aguiar Jewelry , Elsy Aragon Orfebre , Suzane Farias , Monse Cruz , Jussara Regas and Tabata Morgana . The Show was held inside the Fair and was attended by many visitors watching the european and latin models walking with the beautiful pieces and the participation of the spanish singer Malu Molina.

Also in the Booth were international brands such as : Arianna Damanti Jewelry , Liane Katsuki , Ornella Joias , Julieta Aytas , Evelyn Collado Boga , Josane Pohl , Clarisa Pérez by Kika , Joyeria Sigrun and Lisi Joyas .

" We are no longer an association that shows only the power of women, we are an association that has been showing market solutions to our colleagues, we have all gone through ups and downs and it is up to us together to create ideas and new activities to attract the public and bring back the excitement about buy a jewel ", concludes Mónica Corvera , VP of Spanish Chapter .

The number of Mubri ( short name of Mujeres Brillantes ) are impressive with a very important growth in two years, currently with more than 1,000 members (apart from sympathizers), 2,500 followers on Instagram and 3,000 inscriptions on YouTube with more than 50,000 views and growing.